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9 second ETs
Ozz S4 Killer
Numero Uno! NEW!
Autronics, Custom downpipes, Custom exhaust, No nitro, stock gearbox, single hand made and "special polish" clutch plate but using dragslicks, 966 Hp and 8700 rpm. Dyno.1.5176.2899.506154.80DETAILS

10 second ETs
Ozz S4 Killer
10sec ET
Autronics, Custom downpipes, Custom exhaust, Turbonetics T4, Ext. Wastegate, Total Elf Turbo Boost Fuel, Autronic, forged conrods, TNT 50 shot nitrous stock pistons/gearbox, more info...10.655130.00DETAILS
10SecS4GIAC/AWE M-box, APR downpipes, exhaust, GIAC/AWE Stage 3 with Lemmi Tweaks, MBC, AWE Intercoolers, APR Downpipes, Straight K04s, P&P Intake Manifold, Vast Ceramic Clutch, Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel1.6817.00910.734132.76DETAILS

11 second ETs
Big Blue MachineGIAC/AWE M-box, Open APR 2.5" downpipes, No cat-back exhaust, GIAC/AWE M-Box ECU with switcher, AWE Fueling Kit, Open APR 2.5" downpipes, No cat-back exhaust, VP 103oct, Straight K04s, Blitz Ported Intake Manifold/Ramair/FMIC Setup, Autospeed Lightened Pulley, AWE Flywheel, Moderate Weight Reduction1.6007.14211.053128.15DETAILS
Jaybquick@JHMJHM Tuning M-box, JHM 3in downpipes, Open Dumps exhaust, JHM Tuning, Full interior, 225/40R18 Kuhmo MX street tires, plain K04s w MBC and NO TCD, JHM FMIC, VAST Intake Spacers, full list1.7907.35611.191130.72DETAILS
JHM Race, APR no-cats downpipes, APR exhaust, Plain jane k04's, Work Emotion 18" wheels, intake spacers, RS4 air box, 83mm rRS4 mass air, full interior, stock battery, no weight reduction1.7347.42911.426122.06DETAILS
SS4BrentGIAC/AWE M-box, AWE Test downpipes, AWE Twin2 exhaust, K04s, Torque-Factory setup, AWE fueling kit, Evo V-Flo intake, AWE IC's, Sach Racing PP clutch, 2800ft, run at Eurotuner GP 200611.470122.00DETAILS
Jared@VLMSpecGIAC K03, ? downpipes, ? exhaust, 88.65mm MAF, 44lb injectors, hybrid turbos, ported and polished stock manifolds, phenolic spacers, AWE SMICs, custom intake, dumps, BFG KDW/2 @ 20 psi, full interior1.7357.46811.471124.58DETAILS
Simpply@Wicked MotorsportsGIAC/AWE M-box, AWE Test downpipes, AWE Twin2 exhaust, K04s, Torque-Factory setup, AWE fueling kit, Evo V-Flo intake, AWE IC's, Sach Racing PP clutch, 2800ft, run at Eurotuner GP 200611.520123.00DETAILS
K04_2000QMSMika/TurboTec A-box, 3" Custom downpipes, Custom exhaust, ATP GT28RS Prototype turbo kit, RC 750cc injectors, stock block/head/intake+exhaust manifolds, Nitto Drag Radials1.7797.65611.615123.55DETAILS
Ari/SforedGIAC Custom M-box, Labree downpipes, Labree exhaust, RS6 K04's, RS4 intake manifold/fuel rail/cams/tb/pressure pipes/injectors, ported heads, AWE ICs/MAF, EVO intake, work by dirtymotorsports1.7777.57111.617120.45DETAILS
Fastest MPH
Mika/TurboTec A-box, 3" Custom downpipes, Custom exhaust, ATP GT28RS Prototype turbo kit, RC 750cc injectors, stock block/head/intake+exhaust manifolds, Nitto Drag Radials1.9577.87411.635134.21DETAILS
SSP K-box, Piggies w/ Straight downpipes, exhaust, SSP Tuned, eBay FMIC, plain K04s, Clutchmasters Stage 3, stock rims/susp1.6867.49211.645119.06DETAILS
SSP Custom K-box, downpipes, exhaust, SSP Tuned, GT28 Stock Engine, 60LB Injectors, 85MM MAF, Bosch 044 Pump, Clutchmasters Stage 4, ebay FMIC1.8437.59711.648120.84DETAILS
NYCVR6EPL Custom, ASP downpipes, Open exhaust, K04/RS6 hybrids, EPL Custom Tune, AWE ICs, stock motor, CM Stage 3/Findanza flywheel, Kumho Ecsta MXs, 3840lbs1.7217.55911.660123.13DETAILS
S4 SlowpokeAPR Stage 3 A-box, APR "old skool" 2.25 downpipes, APR SRT exhaust, RS4 ICs, RS4 clutch/Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel, open downpipes, full interior/tools/spare/etc1.7497.54911.678120.47DETAILS
BlackS4TT (Josh)GIAC X M-box, VAST downpipes, Vibrant exhaust, AWE Stg3 pump program, K04s, water injection, no spare1.7847.58511.690120.98DETAILS
JaybquickAPR, APR downpipes, None exhaust, APR Stage III+ K04s, RS4 ICs/Injectors/Airbox/Cams, full list1.7407.60811.697121.32DETAILS
evan@absolute automotiveAWE/GIAC, AWE test downpipes, AWE Twin2 exhaust, AWE/GIAC fueling kit CAI race file, AWE flywheel/headers/intercoolers, RS4 intake cams, Absolute built K04 hybrids, Absolute ported intake manifold, snow perf h20/meth kit, street tires, no seats, 250lbs driver1.6777.61311.744120.51DETAILS
Mark P
Fastest Avant
APR Stage 3 T-box, APR downpipes, APR exhaust, AWE ICs, SPEC Stg 2/3 Clutch, open dumps, seats removed, 3640lbs, ramair duct, Avant1.7147.62911.762120.52DETAILS
HeveyS4APR 104, APR Open downpipes, UUC VM2 exhaust, APR Stage 3, custom FMIC, RS4 clutch/flywheel, BOVs, no passenger, back seats1.71311.773120.63DETAILS
TwinPSIGIAC K03 M-box, Piggie downpipes, ASP Tru-Dual exhaust, K04/RS6 hybrids, 42# Delphi injectors w/ 5bar FPR, Open element ITG filter, RS4 ICs, VAST performance ceramic clutch w/ Lightweight Flywheel, ceramic coated exhaust manifolds, full interior1.8337.77911.798124.10DETAILS
S4WannaBSportec A-box, Milltek downpipes, Milltek Dual exhaust, Sportec Tuned A-Box, OEM K04s, Blitz Ported Intake Manifold/Ramair/FMIC Setup, Bailey DVs, AWE flywheel, RS4 clutch, RS4 MAF (disconnected), RS4 fuel pump, Sportec (Bosch Greentop) injectors, full weight, more1.7017.57911.812118.38DETAILS
Fastest A6! NEW!
SSP K-box, Piggie downpipes, Custom Magnaflow exhaust, A6 Stage 3 SSP Tuned, K04 Turbos, Piggies, Custom Magnaflow Exhaust with X Pipe, 23Psi, 93 Octane + Meth, 18" Benz Rims, IPP Intercoolers, 4001Lbs with Driver, Vast Stage 3 Hybrid Ceramic Clutch1.7037.64411.830119.03DETAILS
SSP, Piggie downpipes, ASP exhaust, SSP Stage 3 Custom Tuned, K04 Turbos @23 PSI, ER SMIC's, Piggie Pipes with Straight Pipes, ASP Catback, 85MM MAF, K&N Open Element, 60LB Injectors, 044 Bosch Pump, 17" Kosei Rims, Odyssey Battery, Coilovers, GenJDM Bi Pipes, JHM Short Shifter, Bad 1-2 Gear Slider during run2.0287.78911.857122.95DETAILS
Godfather | Jay
VAST K04 M-box, Milltek downpipes, Milltek Dual exhaust, LIMP MODE mod (on the 3-4 shift), Green Giant 42# injectors, 83mm hitachified VAST MAF, RS4 airbox top with darintake, RS4 turbos RS4 intake cams, ER side mount intercoolers (no shrouds), VAST phenolic spacers, VAST 255lph high pressure fuel pump, Milltek SuperDual catback, Milltek downpipes with 200cell cats, VAST kevlar clutch w/ resurfaced OEM flywheel, Heavy Duty Electric Fan Kit, Enkei RPM2 18s" w/ Goodyear F1 GSD3 in 225/40/181.6207.58211.867113.66DETAILS
Corey@Matrix IntegratedGIAC XR M-box, AWE Test downpipes, AWE Twin2 exhaust, AWE RSK04 kit w/ AWE tubular headers, AWE SMICs, Revolver custom ground cams (only set in existence), custom CAI, Forge 007P DV1.7477.70211.898118.40DETAILS
ErikS4AWE/GIAC M-box, Milltek downpipes, Milltek exhaust, AWE IC, LW flywheel, RS4 clutch, MBC @ 21psi, Samco hoses, Brembos, 500lb springs, custom valved Bilsteins, Neuspeed 21 rear swaybar1.7657.71011.907120.34DETAILS
SlvrBulletS4GIAC Custom A-box, AWE Dual downpipes, McNEIL exhaust, +1 gallon toluene, Too Many to List...1.8417.78411.927121.49DETAILS
Mike2KS4@PEB TuningASP K04/RS6 A-box, ASP 3" downpipes, Milltek exhaust, ASP K04/RS6 Program, 93 octane, ASP DP's with cats, full weight... Busted clutch1.6867.72011.934117.91DETAILS
ZKNYONESSP M-box, Fast Intentions Wide downpipes, APR V1 exhaust, stock block and heads, pj KO4's, SSP Fueling Kit (60lb Siemens Injectors, 75mm MAF, ASP MAF housing, RS4 accordian hose), Clutchmaster's Stage 3 Clutch, Tanoga SS, ported intake mani, Vast exhaust mani, Vast phenolic spacers, SSP 2-1 FMIC, no headlight/modded airbox/no air filter/custom CAI, Shine Racing suspension, ASP DTS, ASP rear diff mount, Neuspeed 22mm RSB, 18x7.5 VOLK TE37 on Pirelli PZero Nero 225/40/ZR18@15psi. Moderate Weight Reduction.1.7157.73811.956116.86DETAILS
StevenHAPR Stage 3 2.0 M-box, APR open downpipes, APR exhaust, 18" BBS RS-GTs, RS4 clutch, UUC Short Shifter, AWE DTS, #3720, more info1.7527.71311.962116.90DETAILS

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12 second ETs
r1eaterAPR Race M-box, AWE downpipes, Milltek exhaust, APR Stage III K04s1.7397.71412.000114.83DETAILS
DAPEPL Stage 3, ASP downpipes, Milltek exhaust, EPL Stage 3, AWE Exhaust Manifolds, RS4 ICs, RS4 clutch, full exhaust/interior1.6687.75712.052115.90DETAILS
Custom, 2" GHL downpipes, ASP exhaust, Unitronic 630cc 85mm MAF 93 octane custom file, K04/RS6 hybrids, ER sidemounts1.8517.82812.056118.06DETAILS
AUDI5KGIAC X, APR downpipes, Autospeed exhaust, K04s, AWE Fueling Kit, RS4 ICs/Clutch, Custom Nitrous (wet), Greddy MBC1.7697.87612.116118.24DETAILS
Zev@Avalon MotorsportsAWE/GIAC XR/Moss, N/A downpipes, UUC VM3 exhaust, Ari Driven, K04s, RS4 IC's/Clutch, AWE Fueling Kit, GIAC XR Program, Jeff Moss/Torque-Factory tuning, 1200ft1.73012.170115.71DETAILS
Gus@Os-Cars-performanceRevo, Straight Pipes downpipes, 3" exhaust, RS4 K04s, RS4 clutch, green top injectors, Evo Intake, MBC @ 19psi, 95mm MAF, 3450lbs, DUH FMIC1.7297.86712.205114.88DETAILS
Fastest Tiptronic NE
GIAC X L-box, Tantrum Split no-cat downpipes, AWE Twin2 exhaust, Modified Level 10 converter (~3200rpm stall), B&M tranny cooler, TCD, GIAC TCU, AWE ICs, K04/RS6, RS4 oil cooler, fuel pump, 440c Greentops @ 4bar, Apexi AVC-r 26psi spike, 23psi taper, 19" LE37s1.7707.94412.259118.25DETAILS
sj6spGIAC X M-box, ASP w/ cats downpipes, Forge exhaust, RS4 K04s, ASP phenolic spacers, ASP 85mm MAF, 42lb Greentop inj, MBC in parallel (21psi), TCD, AWE ICs1.7027.94612.264116.67DETAILS
Fastest Stage 3- NEW
SSP Stage3-, Piggie downpipes, Stock exhaust, SSP Stage3- tune, Piggy pipes, K04s, Ebay FMIC, 5bar FPR, ClutchMasters Stage 3 Clutch1.8257.95912.280113.60DETAILS
Fastest K03
VAST GIAC-X, Piggie downpipes, Stock w/ cutouts exhaust, Stage 2+, VAST Lemmiwinked, tcd+mbc (18.5 psi spike), FMIC, jaybquick shifter, full interior, full list1.7927.89312.283114.24DETAILS
GatorAlAPR Stage 3 H-box, custom downpipes, Custom exhaust, APR Stage III, AWE IC's, Toyo RA1s1.6897.94712.305114.94DETAILS
Brian@ecstuning.comAPR Race A-box, Custom downpipes, Custom exhaust, APR Stage III K04s, ECS Stage 3 Clutch, RS4 Intake & ICs1.7448.00412.321115.17DETAILS
2000s4biturbo::UliGIAC X Lemmi M-box, Piggie downpipes, ASP exhaust, Lemmiwinks, K04/RS6, Stock IC's, AVC-R @ 19psi, VAST Clutch, Stock airbox/filter1.7727.96412.334113.03DETAILS
BollocksGIAC Custom T-box, 3.5" Custom downpipes, Gutted Precats exhaust, 2.8L short block, Custom turbos, RS4 heads/cams/intake/TB/ICs, Evo Intake, AWE air meter, Aquamist, Large Injectors, SPEC Stg 3 Clutch1.71512.351111.34DETAILS
808GuyGIAC X A-box, APR No-Cats downpipes, Borla exhaust, RS4 K04, Homewbrew Stage3(88mm MAF, Bosch 36# injectors, Piggie MBC @ 20psi, TCD, Lemmiwinks), Darin Intake, RS4 Clutch, Piggie SS1.6838.00312.380112.52DETAILS
hadeetGIAC X M-box, AWE downpipes, AWE exhaust, mike(piggie)tuned, K04s, RS4 ICs, MBC, 5bar FPR, Intake, Ported Exhaust Manifolds, 46hp Dry Shot Nitrous1.8148.01912.404113.60DETAILS
Blitzkrieg BeastGIAC XR, AWE downpipes, AWE exhaust, Custom Air Box, FMIC, No Interior, more..1.7648.00912.478113.10DETAILS
SSP A-box, SSAutochrome open downpipes, Vibrant exhaust, SSAutochrome open Downpipes,NO CATS,Vibrant Catback,Evoluton Motorsports Diverter Valves,Manual Boost Controller,RS4 accordian hose,AEM intake,APR Snub mount,Samco Silicone hose set. KW V1 Adjustable Coilovers,LED Tails,Black grille & Black Trim & 20% Tint,Black BBS LM's on 245/35/19 Falken 452s,SouthBend Stge 3 clutch, Siemens 60lb injectors,034 mounts,Custom FMIC,Bosch 044 fuelpump,Greddy FATT1.9468.19512.490115.40DETAILS
AlohaS4GIAC X M-box, APR downpipes, AWE Twin2 exhaust, AWE RSK04 no headers1.7908.07712.492111.11DETAILS
BlownS4AMS K04 H-box, LaBree v1 downpipes, Scorpion exhaust, AMS Stage V kit1.7938.15012.535107.98DETAILS
Fastest Stage 2+
VAST GIAC X, Piggie downpipes, Stock w/ cutouts exhaust, Stage 2+, VAST Lemmiwinked, tcd+mbc (18.5 psi spike), stock exhaust w/ electric cutouts before cats(open), full list1.83912.544112.89DETAILS
revianoGIAC X, AWE w/ cats downpipes, Milltek SD exhaust, K04s, Homebrew Fueling Kit (Piggie), South Bend influenced clutch, AWE LW Flywheel, Avant1.7358.07112.548110.81DETAILS
Josh@AchtuningAMS Stg6, JP downpipes, Forge exhaust, AMS Stage 6, K04s, Achtuning/Duh FMIC, SPEC Stg 2 Clutch1.8588.18212.553115.43DETAILS
K04MadnessAPR 104 A-box, GHL downpipes, Milltek Dual exhaust, K04s, Aquamist Liquid Injection1.9268.14712.578109.95DETAILS
ZoltanGIAC X, Piggie downpipes, VM1 exhaust, IC Misters, DTS, Tangoa SS, 2600ft1.8238.14912.635108.63DETAILS
mtaeschAPR 100, Piggie downpipes, Borla exhaust, K03s, 3300#1.7098.10612.671107.47DETAILS
mike01s4@VAST PerformanceABT M-box, Milltek downpipes, APR exhaust, No Back Seats1.7498.14612.700108.68DETAILS
VAST -box, Piggy downpipes, UUC VM1 exhaust, TIPTRONIC -- VAST Tuned = 21PSI Spike / 19PSI Hold, VAST Tuned TCU, Siemens 60LB Injectors @ 3 BAR, PJ RS4 K04 Turbos, RS4 MAF Housing, Open Element Air Filter w/ BlinkTech Designs Heatshield, ER Side Mount ICís (No Shrouds), IPT Transmission w/ 2800RPM Stall Converter, Stock block w/ 130K miles.1.8608.30212.795109.72DETAILS
Whitey #2
Fastest Stage 1
Custom street tune K-box, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, Custom street tune, MBC, no TCD1.7628.13512.807105.34DETAILS
Pat-SoCalAPR Race, APR downpipes, Stock exhaust, EVO Intake1.8018.20512.823106.74DETAILS
CactusGIAC XR M-box, APR downpipes, Borla exhaust, 1.7108.17712.831105.94DETAILS
KAOS, AZ aka Papa SmurfGIAC XR M-box, Mod'd downpipes, Mod'd exhaust, EVO Intake1.7578.24912.850107.64DETAILS
the_suNGIAC XR, Autospeed testpipes downpipes, UUC exhaust, RS4 K04's, RS4 clutch, DUH FMIC, Evo intake, 5bar FPR, Blizzak LM22 Tires1.7348.24512.854107.37DETAILS
Stephen/APRAPR Race, APR downpipes, APR exhaust, 1.8708.53912.902108.86DETAILS
Todd AGIAC X, AWE downpipes, AWE Twin 2 exhaust, RS4 Clutch, AWE Lightweight Flywheel, 800ft1.8348.34412.927109.51DETAILS
Ben AKA NuhuskyfanABT M-box, Piggie downpipes, Neuspeed exhaust, Sportec 18s1.7508.26412.948105.28DETAILS
Fastest Stage 2
GIAC X, Stock downpipes, ASP Tru-dual exhaust, 1.7538.31212.974106.34DETAILS
DrkanglOCT, Milltek downpipes, Milltek exhaust, A6, OCT Stage IV K04s1.9158.39112.994106.04DETAILS

13 second ETs
Fastest Stage 2 A6
GIAC XR -box, Stock downpipes, Custom Magnaflow exhaust, 2002 A6 2.7T 6 speed, K03 Turbos, AWE S-flo, QTP electronic dumps after cats,1.9188.40413.024106.49DETAILS
RobS4GIAC X D-box, Stock downpipes, Borla exhaust, 19" rims, stock airbox, Turbosmart BOVs1.8048.33013.033104.44DETAILS
Stealth2.7TTABT M-box, Milltek downpipes, APR exhaust, 1.7388.47713.052107.02DETAILS
Mike S.APR, Stock downpipes, Scorpion exhaust, 1.8598.72713.060106.87DETAILS
DominicanS4ABT M-box, Stock downpipes, Milltek exhaust, EVO Intake1.8068.36413.137103.44DETAILS
ThirdROCAPR, Stock downpipes, Borla exhaust, 1.8508.42713.143104.85DETAILS
TwentyValveB5+S4GIAC XR M-box, Labree no-cats downpipes, 2.5" dual exhaust, MBC @ 20psi + TCD, 2700ft1.7678.43213.151103.40DETAILS
The R aka 4DR AssassinAPR, Stock downpipes, Scorpion exhaust, Rollin on 19's1.8618.51213.192104.28DETAILS
Milpitas2.7TAPR M-box, Stock downpipes, Milltek exhaust, Darintake1.7918.36913.196101.31DETAILS
VerrGIAC XR H-box, Stock downpipes, Neuspeed exhaust, 1.8028.46113.199104.49DETAILS
Matt Danger
APR v5 A-box, AWE downpipes, Miltek exhaust, APR v5, RS4 SMICs, 710Ns, AWE DTS, Neuspeed shifter, 126k miles on original clutch and K03s, Full interior minus the spare.1.8248.45113.216103.40DETAILS
KevS4APR 5.2 A-box, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, 1.8318.52713.251104.01DETAILS
RobCGIAC XR A-box, Stock downpipes, MTM exhaust, 1100ft1.8888.54713.292103.93DETAILS
twinturbomewVAST GIAC X, Piggie downpipes, Custom exhaust, A6 2.7T, VAST Performance Tip Chip, K03 Turbos, VAST Manual Boost Controller and TCD, P&P intake manifold and throttle body2.1508.74713.331105.93DETAILS
melloimolayellowAPR, Stock downpipes, APR exhaust, 1.8928.59813.332104.68DETAILS
itr0045GIAC XR, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, 1.7778.49713.34399.96DETAILS
ExpStangAPR B-box, Stock downpipes, Milltek exhaust, Tiptronic2.0548.67613.373104.06DETAILS
APR -box, downpipes, exhaust, 19" BBS Ch's, and 12" sub box in the truck1.8528.67013.419103.18DETAILS
Bee HaABT, Tantrum downpipes, UUC VM2 exhaust, Evo Intake1.8509.08413.420102.80DETAILS
ChangS4ABT L-box, Stock downpipes, Forge exhaust, Tiptronic1.9698.67313.441102.66DETAILS
Dark Cloud S4GIAC X, Stock downpipes, Custom exhaust, 1.9598.70013.451102.04DETAILS
A Nogaro S4APR, Stock downpipes, Milltek exhaust, 1.9028.68213.518102.31DETAILS
George2.7TqMSAPR A-box, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, A6 6-speed, 1400ft1.8898.71313.550101.21DETAILS
Santorin DreamAPR M-box, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, 1.9148.68813.551100.82DETAILS
GollyGwagen(Chuck)GIAC A-box, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, K04s, stock fueling/exhaust/intake, Mile High1.8488.71613.555100.69DETAILS
DLowABT, Stock downpipes, Custom exhaust, A6, Abt K04s1.9288.72513.578102.78DETAILS
Fastest Stock
Stock, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, Stock1.8408.70113.62999.95DETAILS
Richard HenryGIAC X, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, A6 2.7T 6 Speed1.9688.80613.647101.45DETAILS
Ming2.7TGIAC X, Stock downpipes, Milltek exhaust, OCT K04s, GIAC Tipchip, A6, Alt 12002.1118.86113.664102.73DETAILS
VegasS4ABT Tip, Stock downpipes, Forge exhaust, GIAC Tipchip, BOVs2.1928.94113.672104.96DETAILS
Vtec_KillerGIAC X, Stock downpipes, Borla exhaust, GIAC Tipchip, ITG Filter1.9568.79413.67299.94DETAILS
RSAviperStock, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, Boost gauge1.8698.78113.71099.56DETAILS
Fastest Allroad
OCT, Milltek downpipes, Milltek exhaust, OCT Stage 31.8438.71713.72998.50DETAILS
NASARacerGIAC, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, GIAC Tipchip2.0908.96913.872100.17DETAILS
TTS_4__NogaroChip, Stock downpipes, Stock exhaust, Tiptronic2.2099.07913.929101.43DETAILS
Ming 2.7TGIAC, Stock downpipes, Miltek exhaust, Giac Tipchip, A62.0669.00213.97498.66DETAILS
Cup_A_ChowStock, Stock downpipes, Borla exhaust, 1.8478.92013.98098.53DETAILS

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