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Quick Audi (B5) S4 FAQ:

Q: What are some differences between B5 platform Audi S4 build dates?
A: Audi seems to roll out updates gradually on their cars, so no list may be totally accurate. For example, you may have a M-box with the older shifter stalk. Also note that S4s were released in Europe before North America.

09/99 (Y2000 initial production, A-box ECU for manual, f-hose, possibly aluminium uprights on suspension, original badge)
06/00 (Y2001, H-box ECU for manual, ESP controller, possibly steel uprights)
10/00 (Y2001.5, M-box ECU for manual, revised turbos, no f-hose, revised TBB, different oil inlet lines, possibly changed shifter stalk, polished aluminum mirrors w/ sport package, new badge, Avant model)
06/01 (Y2002, T-box ECU for manual)

Tiptronics have a different lettering sequence for their ECUs.

Q: How do I tell what ECU box I have?
A: The best way to be sure about which box you have is to either a) look at the label on your ECU or b) hook up a VAG tool and see what number it returns. For example, a reading of 551M would mean M-box (for both methods).

Q: What does my VIN mean?
A: Meanings by digit: 1) W = Germany, 2) A = Audi, 3) U = Passenger Car, 4) Series: R, 5) Engine D, 6) Restraint System, 7&8) Model Number (8D = A4/S4), 9) Check Digit, 10) Model Year (Y = 2000, 1 = 2001, 2 = 2002), 11) Assembly Plant, 12-17) Serial Number

Q: How do I remove my ECU?
A: Audi Performance and Racing (APR) has good instructions here [PDF]. Be gentle!

Q: Which aftermarket ECU chip is the best?
A: This question is the start of many a flamewar. Please STFA!!

Q: What does WOT stand for?
A: Wide Open Throttle

Q: What's the part number for the BMW M3 spoiler?
A: 51-71-7-893-671.

Q: What are some useful datablocks to log with VAG-COM?
A: Torque (120), Boost (115), Air Flow (003).

Q: How do you calculate HP from Torque?
A: 1.0 NM = 0.74 FT/LBS. HP = (TORQUE X RPM) / 5252.

Q: How many quarts of oil does a S4 hold?
A: About 6.5 to 7.5.

Q: What other Audi vehicles utilize the 2.7 Liter 30 Valve V6 Turbo engine?
A: You can find variations on the engine used in the S4 in the Audi (B5) RS4 (w/ K04 turbos stock), (C5) A6 2.7T, and Allroad 2.7T.

Q: What engine will be in the B6 platform future S4?
A: 4.2L V8 at around 340hp. See here for .more information. The New S4 at Audiworld The New A3 at

Q: How many Audi S4 2.7L Biturbos were imported into the United States? (Production total for USA)
A: From
Year/ModelUSA Sold

Q: Where do I get S4 apparel and shirts?

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Useful Files for your Audi:

3D AIM Buddy Icon
by Bob Crowder, optimized by TwentyValveB5
AIM S4 Buddy Icons spinning in 3D! Click to use.

AIM Buddy Icons by me Two AIM S4 Buddy Icons sourced from a picture of the 01-02 S4 badge. Click to use.

Obtane v1.1.1 by 2urbo A quick and easy to use calculator that will show you what mixture of gasoline octanes will achieve your desired result. A must download!
[screenshot] 7KB (w/o support files) 1.1MB

DTC Code Listing by
Bentley Publishing
A CSV (comma seperated format) file listing error codes and meanings used by Audi and Volkswagen ECUs. | Frequently Asked Questions | DTC Engine Code Lookup | Timeslips | Links | Liquidcrack Shirts and Apparel | Vanguard Performance Exhausts | VW Exhausts

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